DIY And Autumn Fun…With Color!

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By Barbara Kaplan –

Living in Phoenix and close surrounding areas in Arizona, we always experience a slow transition into fall. As we ease into the new season and the warm days get cooler, the slow transition of colors and textures begin to appear.

Many of you know that color is my passion, and I use color to speak and express…to tell a story. Here is another opportunity to let the brilliance of the beautiful autumn colors do the talking. You can take the richest colors we have from nature to enjoy a new mood in your home. Many DIY tricks revolve around color.

One of the places to begin this change of statement is at the front door. And don’t neglect your back or garage door if that is where you enter your home every day. Your entry area is a perfect place of introduction of the new season and we can carry the theme inside, too.

We certainly can look to the usual wreath to hang on the doors as well as bring out pumpkins in all colors, shapes and sizes. Who said you can only make one pumpkin for Halloween. Start early and keep going until Thanksgiving. You can create your own pumpkin family.

A great way to highlight this is with lanterns, which of course show up so much more at night. They will give charm and interest to your home as well as a warm glow…a great way to welcome guests into your home. You can get lanterns in all sizes and shapes. Certainly now is the time to burn candles outside since the weather is cool and they won’t melt!

Find some autumn colored leaves, either go up north and pick your own or go to the craft stores for fabric versions, and scatter them near your entry door. It’s fun to walk on them and feel the symbols of autumn under foot.

Inside your home, place those cute little pumpkins around. You can give each one its own design with paint or magic markers. Include the sink areas in bathrooms and kitchen, bedroom night tables and family room book shelves and fireplace mantle. Decorating with them will bring you a smile.

Mix silk leaves with real ones and place them on tables and shelves under and around accessories and lamps for accent all around your home. Decorate your dinner table with these and other natural symbols of autumn. Treat yourself to a new set of fall colored placemats. For fun, get them in different colors and color change them from place to place each night so you have variety at every meal. Your dishes and flatware will look new, too!

Since fall fashion has its own color palette, play it up. Most color schemes can handle a pumpkin colored pillow or vase placed carefully to accent a room. Or you may have your favorite color for the season. These simple DIY decor tricks make inexpensive seasonal statements. Then you can put them away and save them until next year. I have an orange lamp I bring out October 1 until December 1 and keep in the closet the rest of the year.

Just remember everyone can create a DIY experience and what better time to do this than NOW! Remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do!

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