Sustainable Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s El Dorado Park Fire Station 1

The City of Scottsdale continues to show a strong commitment to sustainable strategies, recently earning LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum Certification for its Cactus Acres and Eldorado Park Fire Stations. Cactus Acres will achieve 58 percent energy savings compared to a typical new building and Eldorado Park will hit 47 percent savings.

Learn more about green alternatives this fall with Scottsdale’s free series of Green Building lectures.

October 4Sustainable Urbanism and Green Neighborhoods

What is sustainable urbanism and what makes a green neighborhood? Hear about

on-going planning efforts to strengthen the character of downtown and south Scottsdale neighborhoods.

November 1 – Energy Audits: Making Sense of the Results and Taking Action

Learn the results of the Scottsdale home energy audit program and recommended improvements based on housing characteristics in the South Scottsdale area.
December 6 – Water Reuse Application: Rainwater and Graywater Case Studies

Does it rain enough in the desert to collect rainwater? Learn about water reuse applications for irrigation and other uses.

Lectures are from 7-8:30pm at the Granite Reef Senior Center, 1700 North Granite Reef Road. Call 480.312.3111 or visit


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