Ask Mr. Modem: Avoid Skewed iPhone Photos

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Q. When I take photos with my iPhone or iPad, they are usually crooked or tilted. Is there some app or something I can do to keep my photos on an even keel when taking them?

A. There sure is, but you don’t need any third-party apps to do it. Photo Grid is included on your iPhone and iPad. It does exactly what its name suggests: it adds a grid overlay to the photo capture screen, which provides a straight-line reference when taking photos. To enable this option, go to Camera > Options > Grid, and toggle it on.

Q. How do I get my Windows Live Mail spell check back? It suddenly disappeared and refuses to work. Help!

A. Windows Live Mail (WLM) automatically checks messages and underlines, with a red squiggly line, any words it suspects are misspelled. If your Windows Live Mail is no longer doing this, it needs to be restarted, which is not difficult to do. Press the Menu button at the top of the screen, or press the ALT + M keystroke combo on your keyboard, then click Options > Spelling tab. Click to check the “Always check spelling before sending” option.
Also place check marks beside “Automatically correct common capitalization and spelling mistakes,” “Check my spelling as I type,” and “Check spelling in current input language.” Click OK to save your settings. Close then re-open Windows Live Mail and you’ll be spelling like a chump – oops – champ, once again.

Mr. Modem’s Sites Of The Month

Behold, the Mouse! –
In December of 1968 (Bill Gates was 13 at the time), scientists from the Stanford Research Institute presented demonstrations of new computing concepts that we now take for granted. In one video, researchers introduce a new device called a mouse. Also demonstrated were hypertext, dynamic file linking and a mind-blowing (hey, it was 1968) demonstration of something called “shared-screen collaboration.” Fascinating, in a geeky kind of way.

The Mountain –
 Vimeo Web is a website where people contribute unique videos. “The Mountain” is a week-long, time-lapse video of El Teide. El Teide, for those who don’t get out much, is the highest mountain in Spain, one of the best places on earth to photograph stars – not Tom Cruise-type stars, but stars as in twinkle-twinkle. Under “Also check out” you will find three additional videos: The Aurora, The Arctic Light and The Water. Each is well worth watching.

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