15th Annual Ballet Under the Stars

Ballet Arizona presents the 15th Annual Ballet Under the Stars series this fall. Don’t miss their performance on Thursday, September 20, at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills. This sunset performance series starts at 7pm and is free and open to the public. Ballet Under the Stars allows Arizona communities to enjoy a professional ballet performance in an outdoor setting complete with stage, lighting and costumes. For information and full schedule, visit www.balletaz.org.


  1. Mrs. Jeannie Lee says:

    Dear Ballet Arizona,
    I am a parent in the Peoria area, and have loved dance since I was young. I took a little teenage friend with me to see”Ballet Under the Stars,” at Estrella Lakeside Amphitheatre last night. She had never seen a ballet before. She love it. My own daughter is a dancer, and aspires to be a professional ballerina someday. We are very much awed by your abilities. The Dancers are incredibly skilled. We appreciated you allowing us to be audience to such wonderful talent.
    My family can afford to go to the ballet, which is difficult for some. We have seen Ballet Arizona several times. If you will indulge me, from a non-professional to those with extreme esperience, I would like to voice my opinion. The ballet numbers are too long and repetitive. Even tho the dancers dance beautifully, it gets boring, and I have fallen asleep in the 3 ballets I have seen. The music is so soothing that if it is too long the audience is lost. There needs to be more color, and variation in costume. More clear story. More clear humor. The average audience member is used to so much more variety. We are spoiled with a shorter attention span, unfortunately, so it must be more or shorter.
    I viewed a Christian ballet company years ago in Alabama. The dance number was about the Cruxification of the Savior. It was the most moving, fascinating ballet I’ve ever seen. It was danced as a story you could follow. I could have watched them dance for hours. Of course that subject matter was different than most ballets. The point is that it was something one could follow.
    My family and I very much appreciate the arts in Phoenix, and look forward to more productions in the future. Thank you for blessing the communities with your hard earned talent and dedication.

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