New Feature Film To Boost Arizona’s Sagging Film Industry

By Katherine Koenig – Go West young man, go West…

Arizona is drenched in the history of the Old West. Looking back, the Arizona Territory was home to some of the most colorful characters of the West, from notorious outlaws to respected lawmen who roamed the old frontier. Arizona’s western roots can be found from the “Too Tough to Die” Tombstone and Bisbee’s Brewery Gulch to Prescott’s Whiskey Row.

But here’s the issue today –Arizona has lost millions of dollars in revenue due to the state’s decision not to offer tax incentives to film production companies wanting to do business. Film production brings millions of dollars in revenue, jobs and exposure to states throughout the country – except Arizona, which has chosen not to offer tax incentives that could boost the state’s sagging film industry.

There is a bright light in all of this. Six Gun Entertainment, an entertainment and production company headquartered in Paradise Valley, has decided to “buck” the system and produce the only full-length feature western to be filmed exclusively in Arizona.

The western feature is called Copper Wind – and just like the copper star found in the center of the Arizona state flag, the film is all about representing this great state.

“In addition to being the first full length western to feature all Arizona talent and incredible scenery, this film has the lingo, locations and wardrobe of 1881,” says Chaz Lee, Copper Wind’s screenwriter and film director.

Lee is passionate about the full length feature and looking forward to showcasing all Arizona has to offer.

“Six Gun Entertainment decided to move forward in producing this film during the summer of 2012 because a strong production company needed to step up and showcase Arizona, its history and its ability to complete an exciting movie that will stimulate interest in our state’s film community.”

Look for some familiar faces in Copper Wind:

  • Pat McMahon (KTAR FM)
  • Cory McCloskey (FOX 10 News)
  • Bill Thompson (Wallace and Ladmo Show)
  • Bobbi Jeen Olson (Arizona Country TV)
  • Bob Roloff (the Arizona Duuude, Arizona character)
  • George Nelson (famous stuntman)
  • Patrick Heigl (Sanderson Lincoln)
  • And many other talented local Arizona actors and stuntmen

The film’s premiere is slated on Friday, October 12 at 8pm at the distinguished Herberger Theater in Downtown Phoenix. Keep up with the western excitement and check out the Copper Wind Facebook page or visit

Finally, the Old West lives on in Arizona. |CST


  1. The proposed 30% refundable film tax credit is a cash subsidy plain and simple. Make a $100 million movie, the taxpayers pay cash for $30 million to finance 1/3 of it–without getting producer credits. Arizona is one of the few states being SMART not to spend public dollars on movies made by rich studios.

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