Ask Mr. Modem: Use Arrow Keys For Text Selection

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Q. Isn’t there some way to use the arrow keys when highlighting text? I try to use my mouse cursor, but I always end up overshooting the mark or selecting an entire paragraph when I only want a few words or a sentence or two.

A. There is indeed a way to use your arrow keys to select text. Place your cursor where you want to start highlighting, hold down your Shift key, then use your up and down arrow keys. If a section that you want to highlight is really large, use your Page Up and Page Down keys.

Q. I terminated my AT&T account for my smartphone because I didn’t need all the Internet-related bells and whistles. Even though I no longer have Internet access by phone, can I continue using the phone’s calendar, camera, etc? I’d consider selling it, but I don’t know why anybody would want a year-old phone. Thanks for always providing honest, reliable answers, Mr. M.

A. Honest? Reliable? Whew…I’m really feeling the pressure, but I’ll do my best. Different phones function in different ways, so if the calendar and camera aren’t dependent on Internet access, you should be fine, though you won’t be able to forward photos and other items. If the calendar is web-based and you were using your cell phone’s wireless connection to the Internet, you will not be able to access that feature. The easiest way to check is to simply power up the phone and see what you can and cannot do.
As far as selling your phone, there are many people who do want older phones, particularly folks who may not be able to afford newer ones. If you do decide to sell it, is one of several popular (and legitimate) outfits that buys and sells older technology, as does Amazon’s Trade-In Store at

Mr. Modem’s Sites Of The Month

Best Senior Dating Sites –

This site was created to educate and counsel single seniors who are contemplating joining a dating website. Its objective is to provide information about the pros, cons and risks of online dating and how to minimize them. This is not a dating site itself; its focus is assisting those who are interested in meeting others online, in a safe manner. I tested the site. Mrs. Modem was not amused.

Brain Age Games –
Medical researchers wearing white lab coats and carrying clipboards, tell us that as we age, it is important to exercise our brains and continue to use them to help ward off those increasingly frequent “senior moments” that most of us have come to know and…and… What was I talking about? Through a series of five games/tests that focus on memory, attention to detail, language and reaction times, this site will compute the age of your brain. Upon completion you will be presented with your brain-age score. Ideally, it will be less than your current age. Mine was…but barely.

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