Second Area Show For Stone Iris

Already scheduled to play at Joe’s Grotto in North Phoenix on July 27, the band Stone Iris added a second Phoenix area stop to its tour. The band will play at Rougue Bar in Scottsdale on July 28. Rougue Bar is located at 423 North  Scottsdale Road. For more information, call 480.947.3580.

The band is touring to promote its newly recorded EP, Illuminations. The tour and the new music is described this way…

“That feeling of commiseration and unity that comes from a group of friends gathered around at the stage, soaking up the night together and raising a glass to good times.

Like a lost night in a smoky bar, its songs feel easy to slip into and even easier to get lost in, using laid-back but propulsive grooves to create a mood that feels at once nostalgic and promising, familiar enough to get your guard down but restless enough to let you know that the best times are on their way.”

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