Quarterly Voter Registration Numbers Announced

PHOENIX – The latest voter registration figures are out and according to Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Arizona has 3,145,973 registered voters, a decrease of 5,642 since the last report in March.

Of the state’s 3.1 million voters, 1,130,164 are Republicans, 946,974 are Democrats and 1,041,523 have either registered with independent parties or not designated a party preference.

Libertarians make up a little less than one percent of the state’s total registration with 22,272, while 4,872 voters are currently registered as members of the Green Party. Additionally, the Americans Elect Party has enrolled 168 voters since joining the state’s other recognized political parties in 2011.

“People can register to vote in the August 28 primary election until July 30,” says Secretary Bennett. “Early voting begins in less than a month, so I would urge people to visit www.servicearizona.com as soon as possible to be eligible to participate.”

The latest voter registration figures compiled by county, congressional district and legislative district are available on the Secretary of State’s website or by calling 1.877.THE.VOTE.


  1. I am running as a write-in candidate for Congress in the 4th C.D. in the Americans Elect Party primary on August 28. I need one voter to write me in and I can win the nomination.

    Stephen Dolgos is on the ballot in the Americans Elect primary for Congress in the 8th C.D.

    If any Americans Elect Party member in Arizona wants to run for office, you have until July 17 to register as a write-in candidate for that office. If you get one write-in vote, you will win the nomination and be on the ballot in November. However, you must file a one-page very simple declaration of candidacy with the Secretary of State’s office for any write-in votes for you to count.

    I would encourage anyone who wants to be on the ballot in November to register as an Americans Elect Party voter, sign up as a write-in candidate, and vote for yourself or get others to do. You can even run against me and we can have the first contested Americans Elect Party primary in history!

    If you run as an Americans Elect Party candidate for U.S. Senator, you may well be invited to appear on the debate on public TV with the Democratic and Republican candidates. If you run for one of the seats on the Corporation Commission, you also can be on the ballot statewide.

    It will only take about an hour to register online (change your party) as an Americans Elect voter; download, fill out, get notarized and mail in your write-in nomination paper, and then get one write-in vote. If you’ve ever wanted to be a candidate on the November ballot for Congress, the state legislature, or any office which is partisan (like sheriff), this is about the easiest way you can do it!

    And given that the Top Two initiative will probably pass this November, this is probably your last chance to run so easily.

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