Dog-Eared Review: “Trinity – A Brethren Novel”

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By Melanie Tighe –

Not many people can claim their boss is an angel, but when her six-year-old daughter is kidnapped by a demon, Emma learns her boss truly is. Oh, he’s not just a nice guy, he’s a real angel. In fact, he is the Protector and a member of The Brethren. A band of angels sworn to protect mankind, The Brethren rally to keep the child from Satan and his minions.

Ancient and immortal, yet unbelievably hot, Michael D’Angelo must not only rescue Emma’s daughter, but teach them both their roles according to the prophecy about the upcoming battle, which will determine the future of mankind. Michael, Emma and her daughter form a powerful Trinity, that can defeat the devil himself. Of course, the devil knows this prophecy as well and has other plans for the Trinity and The Brethren.

In this first Brethren Novel, Trinity, Arizona author, Deena Remiel heats up the Superstition Mountains with a sky-searing, earth-shaking battle between the Brethren and Satan.

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