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Letting Go To Grow!

By Barbara Kaplan –

Q: Is it true when you let go of things or clean out closets and cabinets that you attract new things into your life?

A: Oh yes! This can be an exciting time, a time for change and growth. Part of being an interior designer, the part that I love, is the approach I use in my practice. Many clients hire me to change their environment, and I have joyfully witnessed a change in them as well. This happens because the inside of us and the inside of our homes can be connected.

Your question speaks to a new beginning. My passion in life is about healing environments. We are either healing or hurting. A healing environment is all about choices, your choices for you.

When you are ready to clean out your closets and cabinets, you are symbolically clearing out yourself. Feng Shui and Bajaro Method are built on that concept – our environments reflect how we choose to live. If your homes, offices, drawers, desks are full, cluttered and disorganized you may feel the same way inside. We are actually taking care of ourselves when we take care of our personal spaces.

I believe that interior design is about your “interior.” We attract and create what we feel. If we feel as though we need to hold on to things, chances are, those feelings are expressed in our actions with our possessions.

We are creatures of habit and get comfortable in what is familiar. Most often we don’t notice the piles that accumulate around us until one day we decide to do something about it.

Here’s a helpful hint: take a virtual tour of your home and do it with a camera. When you look through a third eye, you see things you might otherwise miss. It is also possible that you notice some things that you like and have overlooked.

Once we begin the clearing out process, we are taking action and opening to new possibilities, new things and people. Most of all, we have to make the decision that we need change.

We all have that closet, drawer or pantry that we dread going into because it is a reminder of what we have to do. We know it represents the four letter word “mess.” It’s probably the last place we would like to be, but this is where you need to begin. Once the wheels of cleaning are in motion, we find we can’t stop until it is done. It gives us a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Don’t forget cleaning up the yard and garage because they are the first and last places we see upon leaving and returning home. Clearing these areas opens the energy around us to flow more freely and bring us renewal.

This all starts with you – and you must fearlessly create the environment in which you can thrive.

Always remembering that rooms have no feelings, YOU DO!

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