New Carefree-Cave Creek Transportation Study

Will address trail, parking issues

By Curtis Riggs – Both Cave Creek and Carefree are working together on acquiring a $250,000 transportation grant to study trail and parking issues. The two towns are working with the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) on trail issues and special events parking problems in the Cave Creek-Carefree Transportation Study.

It’s one of the first times smaller communities in Maricopa County have received MAG funding. Cave Creek Town Councilman Dick Esser explains that this is because of the new Small Communities Coalition at MAG.

“MAG is weighted toward the larger communities in Maricopa County,” says Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia when the Cave Creek Town Council recently approved $5,000 in matching funds needed to receive the grant. Carefree also approved $5,000 in matching funds to get the grant. Carefree Mayor David Schwan, also a member of MAG along with Esser, says the new study will allow Carefree to focus on bike paths and pedestrian walkways while allowing the town to address larger issues such as special event parking.

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