Dog-Eared Review: “EatiQuettes The Main Course on Dining Etiquette”

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By Melanie Tighe –

Are manners dead? Is etiquette only for old folks? “NO!” says local author, David Rothschild with his newest book, EatiQuettes The Main Course on Dining Etiquette. Rothchild’s books and presentations have helped teens and adults feel more confident while dining at buffets or the finest restaurants in Phoenix. His previous book, The Main Course on Table Service, is used for training by restaurants, hotels and culinary schools all over the world.

This isn’t the pinky-pointing etiquette book your grandmother used. Rothschild’s sense of humor shines through in this step-by-step guide filled with real world answers to many questions you may have and a few you’d never think to ask until it’s too late. From how much and who to tip, to the best way to share food or eat those beautifully towering deserts without wearing them, to whether its polite to talk on a cell phone at the table, The Main Course in Dining Etiquette gives answers to dining etiquette that has changed over the past few decades.

The Main Course on Dining Etiquette makes a great gift for teens and college grads entering the business world.


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