Seventh-Graders Create Sustainable Inventions At Tesseract

PHOENIX– Tasked with creating an invention of his or her own design, eight weeks ago Tesseract Middle School’s seventh-grade students embarked upon an educational journey. Not only did the students each have to come up with and complete a creative invention, but they also had to ensure their inventions were sustainable and would better the lives of their users – as well as sustain the planet – all while reducing humans’ global footprints.
In preparation for this creative task, students learned about existing sustainable inventions, projects and business models in their third-quarter science classes. At the same time, they studied marketing strategies and presentation techniques in their English classes. After an extensive period of brainstorming, research and trial, each student worked toward completion of his or her own unique invention.
“This project is a wonderful example of how Tesseract’s integrated curriculum works to stimulate the curiosity of students with real-world and engaging assignments,” says Nigel Taplin, Tesseract’s head of school. “The students took ownership of their learning, and were creative, innovative thinkers engaging in relevant, real-world tasks, all the while thinking about sustainability.”
Throughout the quarter as their inventions progressed, the students reflected on their research and the project in its entirety in preparation for the Celebration of Innovation. The students will present their inventions while at the same time demonstrating their public-speaking skills to family members, peers and Tesseract educators and staff.
TesseractSchool’s Celebration of Innovation is Thursday, March 22 from 6:30-7:30pm at the middle and high school campus. For information, visit or call 480.991.1770.

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