Dog-Eared Review: “Voices”

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By Melanie Tighe –

Local author Bill Lamperes’ newest novel, Voices, is a mystery of dreams and a dream of a mystery! When travel writer, Jack Weston, visits several haunted hotels in the Southwest and begins to hear the voices of long-dead ghosts while he sleeps, he first worries he’s lost his mind. The haunting voices offer him unusual clues to his beloved wife’s unsolved hit-and-run death, but that couldn’t mean anything right?

When he offers a ride to a petite, hippie-looking woman, her insights about his life and the loss of his wife, astound him. Jack’s trip covers almost one thousand miles and Pandora, the hitchhiker, keeps on showing up at the most unusual places.  How she could possibly know about his wife’s death and his recent encounters with ghosts? And why does she insist he listen to song lyrics?

A gratifying twist-of-an-ending stitches all of the puzzling pieces together in this quick-read murder mystery.

Signed copies of Voices are available at Dog-Eared Pages Used Books in North Phoenix or at


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