Cave Creek Expands StreetScape Paths

Will make it easier for community events

By Curtis Riggs  – Pedestrians can now travel easily from one end of town to the other, thanks to a new multi-use trail put in by the Town of Cave Creek.

Cave Creek Trails Coordinator Bambi Muller says the new trail segment was put in several feet from Cave Creek Road to make it safer. The surface of the new track is compacted granite so people can easily walk or even push baby strollers on it. The road crew recently installed the new path on the east side of Cave Creek Road from Schoolhouse Road east to nearly the Buffalo Chip. The $35,000 walking, equestrian and bicycle path will make it easier for visitors to park their cars and get from one end of town to the other on foot.

Comments heard from visitors or business owners on a recent busy Saturday morning ranged from “It’s about time,” to “Why didn’t they do this sooner?”

When coupled with the sample StreetScape segment put in a couple of years ago, someone can now easily get from Spur Cross Road east to the Buffalo Chip or Harold’s. | CST

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