Dog-Eared Review: “Lessons from the Lakeside”

Since the beginning of our time on Earth, all of us ask the same questions: philosophers and sages, ministers and priests and scientists and scholars. Who am I? Why am I here? What does it all matter? These questions haunt our thoughts from time to time. Occasionally, if we are fortunate, we can almost grasp a wispy contrail of truth before it vanishes.

Eveline Horrelle Daily’s Lessons from the Lakeside is the story of an artist who finds her own answers in a newly formed garden oasis, from a couple of unexpected teachers. Are our answers too complex for us to comprehend or are they so simple that we consistently miss the point?

Daily invites you to share her journey of self-discovery. Her provocative questions and profound observations may help to guide you along your own path.

Melanie Tighe writes reviews of Arizona authors. Visit her at Dog-Eared Pages bookstore in Phoenix or online at

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