Carefree Financial Group To Aid General Plan

Revenue outlook crucial to proper plan

By Curtis Riggs – As the Town of Carefree gets ready to update its General Plan this spring, the work of the new Long Range Financial Study Group will play an important role in the effort as will the results of a recently conducted survey of Carefree citizens.

Carefree Mayor David Schwan has not been surprised by the comments received from Carefree citizens in the surveys.

“People like Carefree the way it is,” he says. “They want to preserve the uniqueness of Carefree.”

The Carefree Planning and Zoning Commission will intensify work on updating the General Plan, which is updated every 10 years, this spring. The commission’s work will be combined with the efforts of the new study group, which is an arm of the Carefree Town Council.

Former Town Councilmen Greg Gardner, Gary Hayward and citizen Jerry Wetta are on the new committee as is present Councilman Marty Saltzman. The group works closely with Schwan and Town administrator Gary Neiss in their efforts to establish revenue and expense projections for the next 10 years.

Schwan calls the work of the new study group important because the General Plan is “silent” on economics. He expects the Town Council to hold an economic development workshop this month. | CST

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