The Philosophy Of Sexy Interior Design: Sassy – Sensuous – Serene

By Barbara Kaplan – Do you think your home is “sexy”? Sexy interior design is all about attitude. It’s creating a personal space in which you feel alive and tells your story. The room expresses and reflects your way of life.

So often, rooms are designed to look good, and certainly there is nothing wrong with beauty. However, if you are living in a beautiful space that does not express your heart and soul, the beauty only lasts so long until you feel the need for personal comfort and self-expression. The comfort is for your physical body as well as your mental and emotional self. The self-expression is your need to be heard and seen as you truly are.

You don’t want to live in another person’s idea of what looks and feels good. It is a human need to be surrounded in the taste and style that personifies who you are at your deepest level.

When we feel sexy, we feel alive, we feel real and we feel in our power. How wonderful to always feel this way. However, it isn’t always possible. We are in many environments all day long over which we have no control. That is why it is all the more important that we achieve this feeling in our home…our most personal space. It is the only place where we can decide what colors and style we want to live with. When these decisions are made with the people we love, it strengthens our connections and creates a unique look that tells “our” story. It becomes an environment to share and enjoy together.

There are three basic styles of sexy interior design. They are sassy, sensuous and serene. You can carry any one of them throughout your home or combine them to create your own style.

Your entire home doesn’t have to be just one style. Each room can have a different style and feeling to express the different purpose and function of each room and the personality of the person or persons using the space the most.

The three basic styles of sexy interior design are:

  • Sassy – fun, energetic, bold, dramatic, exciting, lively, playful
  • Sensuous – textured, stimulating, sumptuous, luxurious
  • Serene – calm, mellow, relaxed, comfortable, organized

Have fun and play with your own words that describe these three types of design for you. It will get you started thinking about how to create a sexy home designed and personalized to express your personality and interests.

You can also take one or a combination of these styles to interpret and create your own individual look. Decide the amount of each one you want to use. The meaning of your environment affects your attitude and how you express yourself to others. That’s why it’s so important to use your own words and come up with your own meaning. Give your style a name that expresses the way you want to feel in that room and how you want to be seen. Interior design is not a science, it is an art and you are the subject. Create your own portrait in your own home!

Remember, rooms have no feelings, YOU do and creating a sexy home is the best way to feel alive and vibrant in your most personal spaces.

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